The Difference Between Right and Wrong

The Difference Between Right and Wrong
The Candid Facts About A Very Important And Little Understood Subject

For years, we the people of this institution have been witnessing a strange and touching spectacle.
We have beheld women in their first hours of widowhood- and children, newly bereaved- rush to us to fulfill, hurriedly and through their tears, the selection of burial space that someone had left for a “later” that proved 24 hours too late.
We have rubbed shoulders with the anguish, burdens and regrets visited by many upon the very ones whom they loved most.
We have seen the costly mistakes made in haste and confusion, the serious problems left by those who forgot that- fate makes no appointments.
And we have wondered – “Can it be that people really do not care? Can it be that so many will deliberately leave to chance what they know they must have beyond the shadow of a doubt? If these heads of families actually knew the world of difference between the wrong way and the right way to provide the family’s memorial estate, would they still wish upon themselves and their loved ones the agonizing, embarrassing and costly consequences?”

Time after time, we have found that thoughtful people are usually astonished, but always grateful, to learn the little known “inside facts” about family ownership of memorial property.

Long before need- or on that unpredictable day…which shall it be? See for yourself! Decide for yourself!

“Why didn’t somebody tell me…?” 67 times out of 100, wives outlive husbands and immediately inherit the responsibility of selecting the memorial space. At the very first moment of separation, it is too late to be calm and deliberate, too late to think straight, too late to know what he really would have wanted.
Fully 47 difficult duties demand immediate attention on the day of bereavement. Imagine how crushing it must be for those left with a 48th – the need to select memorial space at once. No time to choose the right location, in the right property, under the right conditions, at the right price, on the right terms.

Bills! Bills! Bills! Doctors’ bills, nurses’ bills, hospital and mortician’s bills. Payments for casket and interment…for payments to the organist and the florist…for vault, clothing, transportation, memorials. To add the cost of space itself means needless hardship and, often, that “second best” must be first choice.

The wife who “doesn’t even want to think about memorial property” will never forgive herself, as a widow, for not helping her husband plan this protection for the future. Scenes like this are typical. Desperate haste. An unchangeable decision to make alone, often in inclement weather, and when pressed by other expenses.

“You must run out there, Bill. I’m too broken up to do it!” Often it’s a friend of the family, sometimes a total stranger, who must choose the memorial space. In such case, he can only guess, select hurriedly and hope for the best! Think! The family’s most personal, permanent possession- left for choosing by an outsider!
Bought for immediate use, memorial property might cost from 10% to 100% more. Future prices are subject to increase as available space is sold out, as improvements are made, as maintenance costs rise. Today’s low-priced locations may not be available later. Buying before need can protect you again rising prices.

You may have little choice…later! The “leftovers” usually are for the last-minute buyers. Delay means the best locations may be gone, or prohibitively priced, or not to be had at any price, before you get around to choosing yours. A location you prefer today may be gone tomorrow. The late buyer often has to accept anything that can be had in a hurry.

If you make a mistake in buying or renting a home, you can correct it by moving elsewhere. But-if last-minute haste compels accepting memorial space in a run down, poorly located or poorly managed property, the odds are overwhelming that that is where the resting place will be till Judgment Day.

You wouldn’t dream of waiting for a fire to convince you that you needed fire insurance. You provide life insurance, a savings account and a will as safeguards against the future’s uncertainties. How odd, then, that anyone should wait for the day of need itself before arranging for something as sure to be needed as a memorial estate.

It’s a husband-and-wife decision- just as, with loving mutuality, they decided together upon their marriage, their home, their children’s upbringing. Now, while they can do so calmly, thoughtfully, together, they can make certain their memorial estate is exactly what they want. No guessing. No worrying. No regrets.

The best time to select a family memorial space is when you DON’T need it. Then you can look, compare and act unhurriedly. Husband and wife together do the choosing, ask the questions they want answered, leave no question marks to the future, buy when all the advantage of low price and easy terms are on their side.

Think twice before accepting “sublet” memorial space from in-laws or others. Ownership in another’s name often leads to legal complications, mistakes, embarrassment. Ownership that you control guarantees side-by-side resting places for and yours, privacy, conveniences, access at all times, respect for your wishes.

It’s like “money in the bank” when you buy today at our present low prices. Like any other property of which the supply is limited while the demand is continuous, prices are bound to increase. Buy your family memorial property now and save the difference. “Later on” usually proves too late to make such savings.

“This is just what we want!” By selecting long before need, there is ample opportunity to get the best of the many preferred locations we offer today- to provide for future family growth- to make sure that resting places will be just where you want them- not “stuck in some corner” available at the moment of need.

Because fate makes no appointments, it is neither wise nor necessary to wait until you have even the low price of memorial space here. Now, ahead of time, select a choice location and “take your time” on our Convenient Payment Plan. Your family is protected from the moment you make the small down payment.
Judgment-proof, lien-proof, immune to seizure for debt, and tax exempt, your deed to family memorial space is sacred in the eyes of the law. Not even financial reverses can ever endanger your ownership of this vital protection. A family heritage, it belongs to you, your children and your children’s children forever.
What treasures can you give to match the blessings of peace of mind…to free those dear to you from the haunting fear of unpreparedness on a day that comes without warning? The deed to memorial space is as indispensable to your family’s security program as your insurance policy, your savings and your will.
Now you know the incredible, heartbreaking, costly difference between THE RIGHT WAY and THE WRONG WAY to own what every family must have. You have seen why everyone who has ever been forced to find out will tell you- “It is better to own a Family Memorial Estate and not need it, than to need and not have it!” Now is the time to ‘phone, write or visit us for the full, free information that is yours without the slightest obligation.

Those who look ahead get the best of everything. When you put off the purchase of a Family Plot, you suffer the disadvantage of having hundreds, or thousands, select ahead of you. You must be content with what is left instead of being able to choose from the preferred locations now available.

You usually pay much more than today’s low pre-completion prices. If sudden need compels immediate purchase, the opportunity to pay comfortably on the installment plan is lost. And, often, because there is no time to investigate at the time of need, a cemetery may be chosen where family plot care charges are endlessly extra, though the care of your Family Plot here costs nothing more-ever.

Perpetual care means that a part of each dollar you pay on your lot is put in a Trust Fund to Guarantee that the cemetery will always be cared for.
Today- for full, free information, write, phone or visit.