Why Preplan

To understand fully the importance of preplanning your arrangements, you need to see the burdens anguish and regrets that we at Dayton Memorial Park experience with our families everyday.

Failure to make arrangements in advance will leave the decisions to your loved ones, as well as the concerns of finances and whether they are doing what you would have wanted.

Fully 47 difficult duties demand immediate attention on the day of bereavement. Imagine how crushing it must be for those left with a 48th – the need to select memorial space at once. No time to choose the right location, in the right property, under the right conditions, at the right price, on the right terms.

Bought for immediate use, memorial property might cost from 10% to 100% more. Future prices are subject to increase as available space is sold out, as improvements are made, as maintenance costs rise. Today’s low-priced locations may not be available later. Buying before need can protect you again rising prices.

All the decisions that must made within a 24 hour period can lead to feelings of guilt and anxiety being placed on your loved ones. These decisions contribute to them making many hasty decisions that they may later regret.

Planning your arrangements in advance will relieve the stress and anxiety for your loved ones. It will relieve the finacial burdens they will have to face. Planning will also make it easier for them as the decisions will not have to be made alone- you will make them together.

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